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Dr. Florian Stoll

Contact data

Telephone: 5441
Room: 311 (Hugo-Rüdel-Str. 10)

Scientific Background



Dr. Florian Stoll will be away from October 2016 to September 2017. He has received a Postdoc Scholarship from the VolkswagenFoundation and will be at the Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University as a Visiting Fellow (See right column for PDF with the project description).


The research project in Yale „Understanding the Diversity of Middle Classes in 21st Century Kenya: Social Milieus, Lifestyles and Meanings in Nairobi“ is based on his research in the project “Middle Classes on the Rise” at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies. Dr. Stoll´s project takes up this research and connects the empirical data with approaches from Cultural Sociology to develop a new conceptual framework.


Since May 1st, 2013 Florian Stoll holds the Post-Doc position of the research Project "Middle classes in transition: Conceptualisations of future between freedom, consumerism, tradition and morality" which belongs to the Bayreuth Academy Project "FUTURE AFRICA - Visions on the Move"



2011 Dr. phil. in Sociology.Thesis on social milieus and their use of time in Recife, Brazil. Albert -Ludwigs -University Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

2006  M.A. Sociology/Philosophy. Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg im Breisgau




Visiting Fellow at the Center for CulturalSociology, Yale University. Postdoc-Scholarship of the Volkswagen-Foundation for the project “Understanding the Diversity of Middle Classes in 21st Century Kenya: Social Milieus, Lifestyles and Meanings in Nairobi”  (



Researcher in the Project „Middle Classes on the Rise - Future  Concepts of the future among freedom, consumption, tradition and moral“ (TP3) at the  Bayreuth Academy for Advanced African Studies (Project leaders: Prof. Erdmute Alber and Prof. Dr. Dieter Neubert (both University of Bayreuth) [given leave 10/2016 – 09/2017 due to a Fellowship at Yale University]



Researcher at the Technical University Darmstadt

in the Project “Local Conventions of Hairdressers: The Intrinsic Logic of Cities in Economic Practices” (Project leader: Prof. Martina Löw; Technical University Darmstadt;).




Sociology of the Global South/ Development Sociology (Foci Kenya and Brazil), Cultural Sociology, Social  Stratification/Social Milieus, Globalization Theories, Urban Sociology and Sociology of Space



10/2016-09/2017 Postdoc-Scholarship by the VolkswagenStiftung for a stay as a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology/Yale University Planned for autumn 2017  (with Antje Daniel and Henning Melber) organization of a Point Sud-Conference on „Middle classes, protest and social change in Africa and beyond“ in Stellenbosch (STIAS) (financed by DFG; administration of funds by the University of Frankfurt/Main.

12/2016 (with Antje Daniel and Sebastian Müller) Organization of the Weingartener Africa-Talks “Middle Classes and Social Change in Africa: Actors and Lifestyles”. Publication of the on the conference volume as with the title:  „Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika: Akteure und Lebensstile” (Nomos; financed by Diözese Stuttgart-Rottenburg).

11/2008-04/2011 PhD Scholarship of the Foundation of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

07/2008-09/2008 DAAD-Scholarship:  Language course and Research in Brazil (Recife, Salvador).



Brazil (since 2008)  

7 months since July 2008 (5 research stays) Regional Foci: Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador da Bahia.

Kenya (since 2013)

9 months since July 2013 (5 research stays). Regional Foci: Nairobi, Mombasa and Eldoret.

UK (England and Scotland)

2 months fieldwork between May 2011 and April 2013 (4 stays). Regional Foci: Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh.



Since 2011

Member of the research group “Global Inequality, Social Classification and Existence“. Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Jessé Souza (President Instituto de Pesquisa Aplicadas; Brasília





Stoll, Florian (2012):

   „Leben im Moment? Soziale Milieus in Brasilien und ihr Umgang mit Zeit“.  Frankfurt/Main: Campus.


Edited books

  • Daniel, Antje/Müller, Sebastian/Stoll, Florian/Öhlschläger, Rainer (Hg.) (2016; in print): „Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika: Akteure und Lebensstile”. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Stoll, Florian/Leithäuser, Thomas (Editors) (2014); Mirian Goldenberg (Autorin): „Untreu“. Konstanz: UVK.


Articles and Contributions

Rehbein, Boike/ Stoll, Florian (2017; accepted):

„Mittelschichten und Ungleichheit im globalen Süden“ in: Burchhardt, Hans-Jürgen et al. „Entwicklungstheorie heute – Entwicklungspolitik von morgen“ (Nomos).

Neubert, Dieter/Stoll, Florian (2017; accepted):

“The ‘Narrative of the African Middle Class’ and its Conceptual Limitations” in: Kroeker, L. et al. “The African middle classes” (Palgrave).

Stoll, Florian (2016; accepted):

“Cities as Second nature? Local Characteristics of Middle class Milieus in Nairobi as Urban Human-Environment Relations” in: Hauhs, Michael / Klute Georg: Human-Environmental Relations and African Natures. Modern Africa.

Stoll, Florian (2016; in press):

„Lebensweisen von Mittelschicht-Milieus in Nairobi. Eine Analyse mit Randall Collins´ Interaction Ritual Chains“ in: Daniel, Antje/Müller, Sebastian/Stoll, Florian (Editors): „Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika“.

Stoll, Florian/ Daniel, Antje/ Müller, Sebastian (2016; in press):

„Mittelklassen, Mittelschichten oder Milieus? Afrikanische Gesellschaften im Wandel“ in: Daniel, Antje/Müller, Sebastian/Stoll, Florian (Editors): „Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika“.

Löw, Martina/Stoll, Florian (2016): „Friseursalons als dritte Orte. Raum-Zeit-Konventionen sozialer Milieus” in: Grunert, Cathleen/Pfaff, Nicolle/Schippling, Anne (Eds.) (2016): Kritische Bildungsforschung. Opladen: Barbara Budrich.


Neubert, Dieter/Stoll, Florian (2015 a): “Socio-cultural diversity of the African middle class. The case of urban Kenya.” in: academy reflects no. 1, IAS Working Paper Series no. 14. Institut für Afrika Studien. Universität Bayreuth.


Neubert, Dieter/Stoll, Florian (2015 b): „Zur Analyse soziokultureller Differenzierung von Mittelschichten im Globalen Süden: Eine exemplarische Analyse von Milieus in Nairobi“ in: Verhandlungen des 37. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie.


Neubert, Dieter/Stoll, Florian (2014): “One or many middle class(es) in Kenya? Towards an analytical frame for distinguishing subgroups“ in: Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on African Studies.


Baur, Nina/Löw, Martina/Hering, Linda/Quermann, Anna Laura/Stoll, Florian (2013): „Die Rationalität lokaler Konventionen im Friseurwesen. Der Beitrag von Wirtschaftspraktiken zur Lösung des Kooperations- und Wertproblems wirtschaftlichen Handelns" in: Bögenhold, Dieter (Ed.): Soziologie des Wirtschaftlichen, 299-328. Springer VS: Wiesbaden.


Çelik, Ercüment/Wöhrer, Veronika/Ersche, Christian/Stoll, Florian/ Jimenez, Jose Gabriel/ Altrogge, Judith/ Vogelmann, Maximilian (2011): “A Commentary on Boike Rehbein’s Approach to Critical Theory after the Rise of the Global South and on his Concept Kaleidoscopic Dialectic”, Transcience Vol. 2 No. 1, 72-80.

Stoll, Florian (2009): „Gegen den Neoliberalismus“ in: Fröhlich, Gerhard/ Rehbein, Boike (Eds.): Bourdieu-Lexikon, 319-326. Stuttgart: Metzler.


Other Texts:


Alexander, Jeffrey/ Hurlbert, James/ Stoll, Florian (2017 in preparation): “Iconic Objects and the New Middle Class”


Ahmad Azza/Stoll, Florian et al. (Hg.) (2017 in preparation): “Bigsas Works: African Cities” [Sammlung von Working Papers der Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies]


Stoll, Florian: (2017 in preparation): “Middle Classes”. In: Guidetti, Giovanni/ Rehbein, Boike (Hg.): Inequality in Economics and Sociology


Stoll, Florian (2015): “Tagung der DGS-Sektion Entwicklungssoziologie/ Sozialanthropologie (ESSA) ‘Mittelschichten/Mittelklassen’ im globalen Süden“ in: Soziologie. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie Vol. 44, No. 4, 2015.


Stoll, Florian (2014): “Middle Classes in Kenya. A research training excursion to Kenya: MA Cultural and Social Anthropology“ in: Newsletter of African Studies at the University of Bayreuth 41, 62.


Conferences, Panels and talks  (Selection)

Organised Panels and Conferences

Point Sud Conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa „Middle classes, protest and social change in Africa and beyond“.(with Antje Daniel and Henning Melber; planned for autumn 2017).


Panel „Alternative Futures of the South“ at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology of the International Sociological Association, Vienna, July 10-14, 2016.


Organization of the workshop: „Middle Classes in Africa – anthropological and sociological perspectives“, (Workshop of the subproject 3 of the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies) April 27-29, 2016


Adhoc group „Mittelschichten im globalen Süden und im globalen Norden – Zwischen sozialer Schließung, Aufstiegshoffnungen und Abstiegsängsten“ at the 38th. Congress of the German Sociological Association,  September 26-30, 2016.


Weingarten Africa talks 2015 “Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika. Akteure und Lebensstile” (with Antje Daniel and Sebastian Müller) at the Conference Center Weingarten, December 4-6, 2015.


Conference of the section Sociology of Development/Social Anthropology of the German Sociological Association on “Middle Classes in the Global South” (with Sérgio Costa, Boike Rehbein) at the Humboldt University, Berlin, June 18-20, 2015.


Adhoc group „Mittelschichten in der Krise des 'globalen Nordens'" (with Dieter Neubert) - 37th. Congress of the German Sociological Association, Trier, Oktober 06-10, 2014.


Organisation of the Panel “The futures of the African middle classes“ (with David O´Kane) at the conference of the German Association for African Studies 2014 „Future Africa“ Bayreuth, June 11-14, 2014.



„Kenyan Visions of the Future Between Individual Advancement, Uncertainty and Political Hopes“, resentation together with Dieter Neubert at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, July  10-14, 2016. 


„Zum Verhältnis von Entwicklungssoziologie und soziologischer Forschung im globalen Süden“ Conference of the Section Development Sociology/Social Anthropology of the German Sociological Association, University of Vienna, Mai 16-17, 2016


„Understanding the Diversity of Middle Classes in contemporary urban Kenya:

A Cultural Sociological Frame for the Analysis of Social Milieus“, Presentation at the Workshop of the Project „Middle Classes on the Rise“ at Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies, Iwalewahaus Bayreuth, April 27-29, 2016


„Lebensstile von Mittelschicht-Milieus im urbanen Kenia“, Weingarten Africa Talks 2015

“Mittelschichten und sozialer Wandel in Afrika. Akteure und Lebensstile” Conference Center Weingarten, December4-6, 2015.


„Socio-Cultural Diversity of the African Middle Class –Results from empirical research on middle class milieus in Urban Kenya“, Diversity Lecture, Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies, November  26, 2015.


„Herausforderungen für die Sozialstrukturanalyse im Globalen Süden, illustriert am Beispiel des urbanen Kenia“, spring conference „Sozialstruktur und Kultur“ of the section Social Inequality and Social Structure Analysis at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, February 25-26, 2016.


"One middle class - many lifestyles. Milieu and other concepts for the analysis of middle classes in Nairobi" at the Workshop “(Re)Searching the middle class in Nairobi”, Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique Nairobi, September 28 - October 5, 2015.


“Kenya's unconscious middle class? Between regional-ethnic political mobilization and middle class life-styles” (with Dieter Neubert) at the 6th European Conference on African Studies, Paris, July 8-10, 2015.


“Boundaries of milieus in the middle classes of Nairobi – work and mobility versus sociocultural influences“, Vortrag auf dem Workshop “The making of middle classes: social mobility and boundary work in global perspective“ at the International Research Center 'Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History' an der Humboldt University Berlin, November 6-8, 2014.


„Mittelschichten in Kenia. Soziale Milieus in Nairobi und Mombasa“ (mit Dieter Neubert). Vortrag und Organisation der Adhoc-Gruppe „Mittelschichten in der Krise des globalen 'Nordens' - (Neue) Mittelschichten im globalen Süden“(with Dieter Neubert) at the 37th Congress of the German Sociological Association in Trier, October 6-10, 2014.


“Future visions in social milieus among the middle-class of Nairobi and Mombasa – Empirical results and theoretization of future concepts“,in the Panel  “Sociological Images of the Future“ (RC07) at the 18th. World Congress of the International Sociological Association, Yokohama, July 13-19, 2014.


“Connecting the study of social structure with a meaning based analysis – An exemplary reconstruction of milieus in Nairobi´s 'middle class'“, at the Ten-Year Anniversary Conference of the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University, New Haven, April 25-27, 2014.


„Die neue globale Mittelklasse als Treiber globalen Wandels“, the Seminar „Die Schlüsselrolle der Entwicklungsländer bei der globalen Transformation zur Nachhaltigkeit“, Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen, November 22, 2013.


“Social Milieus and their use of time in Recife, Brazil. A transfer of Bourdieu´s sociology to a specific context in the Global South“ at the Conference „Conceptualising 'Future' Bayreuth University, July 4-6, 2013.


“One or many middle class(es) in Kenya? Towards an analytical frame for distinguishing subgroups“ (with Dieter Neubert) at the 5th European Conference on African Studies, Lisbon, June 27-29, 2013.


“Milieus sociais e a integração dos elementos históricos na pesquisa empírica e teórica. Resultados da análise 'das formas do habitus temporal em Recife'” at the Seminário Internacional de Teoria Contemporânea, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, September 20-22, 2012.


“Social milieus and the integration of sociocultural aspects into a theoretical-methodical frame. Results from my research on 'forms of temporal habitus in Recife'“ at the conference “O Brasil e o novo capitalismo”, Universidade Federal Fluminense in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, September 17-18, 2012.


“Practices of Time and Space in Hairdressers in Frankfurt, Birmingham, Dortmund and Glasgow“ (with Martina Löw). Conference of the International Sociological Association, Buenos Aires, August 1-4, 2012.


„Die 'neue Mittelklasse' in Brasilien – Markt, nicht Staat?“. Vortrag auf der Tagung „Sozialpolitik zwischen Almosen, Privilegien und sozialen Rechten: Befunde aus Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und Osteuropa“, University Kassel, November 24-25, 2011.



  • planned for Sommer 2017 „Middle Class Lifestyles in Kenya, Brazil and other emerging countries” (Undergraduate Course/ Yale University)
  • Summer term 2015 „Ein kultursoziologischer Ansatz zur Analyse sozialer Milieus in Europa, Amerika und dem globalen Süden: Eine Anwendung von Randall Collins 'Interaction Ritual Chains'“ (B.A./M.A. Seminar/Bayreuth University).

Summer term 2014                     

 I) „Städte in Afrika“ (with Hanna Reich. B.A. Seminar/Bayreuth University).

II) „Mittelschichten und Lebensstile in Kenia und Afrika“ (Masterseminar/ Bayreuth University. Preparation for the research excursion of the disciplines Development Sociology/Anthropology in August/September 2014).

III) Research excursion to Kenya: Field trip with 8 master students to Kenya who conducted their own projects there on the topics of „middle classes“ in August and September 2014 (with  Erdmute Alber and Dieter Neubert).

Winter term 2013/14                   

„Urbanes Wohnen in Ostafrika“ (with Lena Kroeker. M.A. Seminar/Bayreuth University. Preparation for the research excursion of the disciplines Development Sociology/Anthropology in August/September 2014).

Summer term 2013                      

„Mittelschichten in Afrika“ (with  Erdmute Alber, Lena Kroeker and Dieter Neubert. M.A. Seminar/Bayreuth University).

Winter term 2012/13                   

„Die Logik der Stadt und die Logik des Sozialen. Zum Verhältnis von städtischer Eigenlogik und Sozialstruktur“ (M.A. Seminar/TU Darmstadt).

Winter term 2011/12                   

„Theorie und Gesellschaft“ (B.A. Seminar/TU Darmstadt).


Bild Florian Stoll 2013

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