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Department of Development Sociology
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The department of development sociology is linked to other research activities at the University of Bayreuth. It is also part of the interdisciplinary programme in African Studies. It belongs to the Institute of African Studies and the newly established Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies as well as the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS). Furthermore, the department of development sociology contributes to the “Centre of Natural Risks and Development Bayreuth”, which functions as a network for social science research on risk and natural disasters in developing countries.

Current Projects

Child Soldiers in Context. Biographies, familial and collective trajectories in northern Uganda
Member of LOST Group at the University of Halle-Wittenberg
Middle classes in transition: Conceptualisations of future between freedom, consumerism, tradition and morality
Translating Global Health Technologies. Standardisation and organisational learning in health care provision in Uganda and Rwanda

Past Projects

Kleinhändler auf dem Chisokone-Markt in Kitwe/Sambia – viele Herausforderungen, kreative Lösungen
HIV/aids in West African cross-border areas: Logics of solidarity toward people living with HIV/aids in Côte d'Ivoire/Ghana and Ghana/Togo cross-border areas
Women's movements between national activities and transnational networking
Disasters and crises: Local interpretation, prevention and coping within the context of external influences
Conflict regulation and post-conflict processes in Ghana and Uganda
Private Financing of Higher Education and Democracy: The Case of Tanzania and Kenya
Possibilities and limits of participatory research approaches for sustainable development promotion
Processes of Escalation and De-Escalation in North Ghana
Gesundheitssicherung im Kontext sozialer Differenzierung

Ph.D. Projects

Obede Suarte Baloi: Dynamics of peace consolidation. Local perceptions of violence and peace in post-war Mozambique
Gabriele Beckmann: Organisational practice between a modernizing State, international development cooperation and inner-directedness. The case of Local Organisations in Velasco Province in the Eastern Lowlands of Bolivia
Peter R. Beck: Social stratification and the constitution of urban middle classes in Maputo city. A case study
Julia Boger: How to get a job? Returning migrants and their job entries in Cameroon and Ghana
Anna Deutschmann: „Oser lutter c’est oser vaincre la lutte continue“: Soziale Bewegungen und Protest in Mali am Beispiel der Studierendenorganisation AEEM
Jude Kagoro: Militarization, the State and Society in Uganda
Desiree Lwambo: Reorganization of the society within the enduring conflict in the Kivu regions (D.R. Congo)
Sebastian Müller: Islamic charity and the life beyond - Islamische NGOs und Motive muslimischer Akteure in Ost-Afrika
Matthew Sabbi: Public Sector Reforms and the Problem of Legitimacy: The Case of Ghana’s Civil Service
Emmanuel Sackey: Dynamic Tensions, Civil Society, and the Development of the Disability Right Movement
Alzbeta Svablova: Actor interaction and institution-building in post war Liberia
René Umlauf: Mediating technologies. Diagnostic spaces between standardization and adaptation in Ugandas malaria control program




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