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Ph.D. Projects

Obede Suarte Baloi: Dynamics of peace consolidation. Local perceptions of violence and peace in post-war Mozambique
Gabriele Beckmann: Organisational practice between a modernizing State, international development cooperation and inner-directedness. The case of Local Organisations in Velasco Province in the Eastern Lowlands of Bolivia
Peter R. Beck: Social stratification and the constitution of urban middle classes in Maputo city. A case study
Julia Boger: How to get a job? Returning migrants and their job entries in Cameroon and Ghana
Anna Deutschmann: „Oser lutter c’est oser vaincre la lutte continue“: Soziale Bewegungen und Protest in Mali am Beispiel der Studierendenorganisation AEEM
Jude Kagoro: Militarization, the State and Society in Uganda
Desiree Lwambo: Reorganization of the society within the enduring conflict in the Kivu regions (D.R. Congo)
Sebastian Müller: Islamic charity and the life beyond - Islamische NGOs und Motive muslimischer Akteure in Ost-Afrika
Matthew Sabbi: Public Sector Reforms and the Problem of Legitimacy: The Case of Ghana’s Civil Service
Emmanuel Sackey: Dynamic Tensions, Civil Society, and the Development of the Disability Right Movement
Alzbeta Svablova: Actor interaction and institution-building in post war Liberia
René Umlauf: Mediating technologies. Diagnostic spaces between standardization and adaptation in Ugandas malaria control program

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