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Wegweiser: Entwicklungssoziologie / Studium und Lehre / Archiv vergangener Semester / Sommersemester 2017 / Assessing the Consequences of Land Grab

Assessing the Consequences of Land Grab

Seminar, SWS: 2, VL-Nummer: 56222



Die Veranstaltung findet jeweils am Montag von 18.00 - 20.00 Uhr statt. Raum: S 8 im GW II


Eva Gerharz

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

Whilst dispossession and displacement are hardly new phenomena in many parts of Africa (as well as other parts of the Global South), the scale of dispossession, and the shift in the value of land from its productive use to its commodification, is notable. Quite a few scholars trace this phenomenon back to neoliberalism – seen as an encompassing ideology which shapes social, economic and political transformation – and embark on David Harvey’s notion of “accumulation by dispossession”. In this course we will develop a deeper understanding of core concepts developed by recently established scholarship and then assess the applicability and usefulness of contemporary approaches by critically examining case studies from different parts of Africa and beyond.


Zielgruppe: MA KuGeA B1, DevStud A4



Cotula, Lorenzo (2013) The Great African Land Grab? Agricultural Investments and the Global Food System. London: Zed Books. Edelmann, Marc; Oya, Carlos; Borras Jr. Saturnino M. (2016) Global Land Grabs. History, Theory and Method. London: Routledge Harvey, David (2003) The New Imperialism, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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